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We love the simplicity of the CareChat platform. Our employees use CareChat for research and to get plan support.

Joel Dilley

Special Projects Manager at S&S Transport, Inc

Virtual Primary Care

Easy primary care without any claims or out-of-pocket costs.

  • Virtual Primary Care: we deliver exceptional Primary Care online
  • Dedicated Doctor: 1:1 doctor-patient relationship means better care
  • No out-of-pocket: $0 deductibles. $0 co-pays


Quality is not on the internet. Find the best providers & hospitals with clinical quality ratings.

  • Clinical quality ratings: Hospitals and Doctors are rated on a 5-star scale
  • Open Network Preferred: friendly providers are Designated to avoid balance bill scenarios
  • Insurance Network: filters to choose in-network providers


Errors in medical care are avoided when medical records are shared with your providers.

  • On-demand: Your medical records are shared with you for treatment & referral purposes
  • Consolidated & clean: we aggregate medical records from most providers and share a clean copy
  • One document: You get one portable document to share with providers

Integrated Support

You can message the most important service providers of your health plan in one place for support.

  • Third-party administrator: Get support for Claims issues, plan coverage questions and more
  • Medical Management: Get help for pre-certifications & provider search
  • Pharmacy benefits manager: Get help for rx costs, prescription benefits questions and more


Don’t check your symptoms on the internet. Do a scientific assessment instead.

  • AI-powered: SymptomsChat uses artificial intelligence to assess your symptoms
  • Conversational: You answer a few questions in a conversational manner
  • Scientific Assessment: helps you understand what you are going through


Access urgent care 24x7 from the comfort of your home, work, or vacation.

  • Routine Health Issues: treatment for minor illnesses & injuries such as cold and flu
  • On-demand access: available 24x7x365 including weekends and holidays
  • No out-of-pocket: $0 co-pays. $0 deductibles

Virtual Behavioral Health

Access convenient therapy from the privacy of your home.

  • Counseling: Counseling with a licensed therapist for common issues such as depression & anxiety
  • Easy Access: Sessions can be scheduled in as few as 72 hours
  • No out-of-pocket: $0 co-pays. $0 deductibles

ID Card

Your insurance ID Card that is always with you on your phone.

  • Digital ID Card: Access a digital version of your insurance ID Card
  • Apple Wallet: You can add the ID Card to your Apple Wallet if you have an iPhone
  • Download an Image: You can also download an image of the front and back of your ID Card

Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Get notified as soon as your EOB is available and access it on your phone.

  • Email notifications: You get an email notification when a new EOB is created
  • Easy to view PDF: You can view and download a PDF copy of your EOB
  • On your phone: All EOB pDFs are saved Automatically in your account on the CareChat platform