Operating system for
modern health plans

Three integrated parts work together to optimize your health plan:

  1. CareChat platform: Plan portal
  2. B!RDiE Analytics: Claims intelligence
  3. Magic EMR: Care intelligence
Providing ALICORN services to our employees as a means to facilitate access to the various features of our medical plan has been well received.

Valerie Maziarz

Director of HR at SavATree, Inc.

CareChat Platform - Plan portal

Make your medical plan easy to use with access to important services and features.

  • Improve Quality: Clinical quality rated providers & Hospitals
  • Easy Medical care: Virtual care at your fingertips
  • Integrated Support: TPA, Medical management, and PBM support in one place

B!RDIE Analytics - Claims intelligence

Make your data actionable to those that can make a difference.

  • Always on: Access intelligence reports & dashboards Instantly
  • Actionable: automatic delivery of action items to Medical providers
  • Accessible: Employer, advisor, and partners have access to the same information in real time

Magic EMR - Care intelligence

20% improvement in quality of care when claims data is combined with medical records for insights.

  • Care Insights: Help medical providers do better
  • Population Health: Gaps in care and Health Improvement opportunities are uncovered easily
  • Personalized: Action items are personalized at the member level